8 Skin Tones Crayons



“Colors for Everyone” wax crayons 

Sustainable wax crayons in 8 different skin tones for diversity-conscious early childhood education.

We all look different – and that is a good thing. Stereotypes and discrimination are the inventions of grown-ups. With our 8 Skin Tones wax crayons, children are invited to discover the power of diversity and draw their friends and family in the way they really look.

Product information

✓ Natural wax crayons with high opacity, extra thick

✓ Suitable for children aged 3 years and older

✓ From sustainable raw materials 

✓ Packaging made of recycled cardboard

✓ Made in Austria under fair working conditions

Do good & support diversity: 100% of all proceeds from the sale of this product go to certified charitable projects preventing racism and discrimination.

The RRP is 11,50€.

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